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Laser Engraver

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Laser Engraver Machine Features:

  • Name: DIY Desktop Mini Laser Engraving Machine
  • Material:aluminum
  • Engraving Area: 30X38 cm (maximum)
  • Working Voltage:DC 12V
  • Laser Power:500mw

The laser engraving machine is easy to put together to get started. You will be able to download a video to help you along. You get the mini laser machine, 1 usb cable, 1 power adapter.

Everybody will love every gift you give them with amazing do-it-yourself powerful laser engraving machine!  Entertain yourself for hours! Or give as a perfect gift. The 500mw DIY desktop blue laser engraving machine is ideal for amateur laser engravingusage with grayscale printing, low-light positioning and freedom positioning functions. It only needs you to connect it to the computer, then you can print any pictures your like with your own creativity.  Getting started is so simple! You will be able to engrave and  carve the pictures or words you want to create something special or just label something! Compact box, so it's so easy to get started.

It Cannot carve the following materials: Shiny (reflective) Metal (regardless of thickness), stone, ceramic, Jewels, reflective material, transparent glass, ivory, colorless transparent material, some white plastic.

You will be able to engrave and carve the following materials:  Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horns, leather, sponge paper, etc.
Never get bored! So many uses. Engrave your name on metal, or wood, or create something personal for someone.
Personalize anything you want at the fraction of the cost that it would be if you went to a vendor to do it! 


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